DSC03946_HeadshotChris McIntosh is a San Francisco Bay Area native who came to NOMA as a student at Boston Architectural College (BAC). He served as Treasurer, then Vice President, and finally President of the BAC NOMAS chapter. A highlight of his tenure came in 2011, where the BAC NOMAS team led by McIntosh earned 3rd place at the NOMA Student Design Competition in Atlanta, Georgia. Now a BAC graduate, he serves as Secretary of the Boston Chapter of NOMA. McIntosh currently works as an Energy Planner for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, where he helps implement and manage energy and water conservation projects in existing Massachusetts-owned buildings statewide. McIntosh is also passionate about equitable and accessible urban design, and affordable access to resources. With his background in architecture and career interests in planning, he hopes to complete a Master of Urban Planning in the near future and become a certified planner.